Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Future of Work

I’ve been writing of late about the “New Normal” – the way talent needs to be acquired, developed and managed by organizations and by the talent themselves. Click on the YouTube link below and watch this short video of “The Future of Work.” I believe it aptly describes the New Normal.


The video notes that the Future of Work will embody four critical characteristics:

  1. Transparent – Productivity matters, all the time
  2. Flat – Communication trumps location
  3. Competitive – There will be no excuse not to know how
  4. On demand – The word “career” is as outdated as the typewriter.

In the Future of Work individuals will have more freedom and power.

Can you see yourself in this New Normal of the Future of Work?

Can you demonstrate (constantly) your productivity, your value?

Can you work with, and be a part of, a virtual team, working with people all over the world?

Can you continue to learn of and use new tools to increase your value? Can you be an effective member of the crowd?

Can you envision a new world of work based on projects solved by those virtual teams rather than a career where you’re valued as a sole subject matter expert?

Can you assume responsibility for your own progress, not abdicate it to an organization?

Check out the video. How comfortable are you with the new paradigm? The New Normal?