Sunday, June 26, 2011

A New Direction II: Camille’s Take're right.  This is how it happened; albeit a somewhat condensed and simplified version of the process.  How nice if this life changing and somewhat risky venture was as easy as you make it sound.  Over here, I have been struggling with the choice to move to Maine.  It has felt like one of those big decisions we must make from time to time where both choices are equally weighted with pros and cons.  If I stay, I am blessed with watching my children move forward in their lives and my grandchildren grow into who they are.  I get to be a part of all that.  But it means staying in a place that does not move me, feed me, refresh me or inspire me.  I don' hate Denver.  Colorado is masculine.  I've done that my entire life and for many years, masculine was OK.  As a result of that competitive, goal-focused drive, I have achieved some very cool things.  But I am tired of that pace.  Actually, I'm just tired.  I long to live in a feminine city that is fertile and moist and lush.  A city with an ocean, a center and a community.  I long to rest; become an expert at self care and give myself permission to trust that I have something to offer others and to use all that I know to create a lifestyle that is fun, creative, healing and financially and emotionally profitable.

What this ends up looking like is the unknown; how this ends up happening can be easily planned out or a total surprise.  It's the why I keep returning to and in so doing, I know it is absolutely the right thing to do.  YIPPEE !!!!

We’d love to get your feedback on our “journey” as well as hear about your own journey in new directions.  Please use the comment section below to share your thoughts and ideas.

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  1. ....but I wonder what city will live up to the criterion of "feminine"?
    (I say that knowing full well that the "gender" of "city" in French is female.....)
    ARE you going to move in September to Maine?

  2. It's a wonderful adventure, and I'm hanging on every word. One thing to remember is that the two of you have a crucial factor of your adventure already in place, and that is having each other. A life-changing event is always enhanced by sharing and simply grinning at each other at the end of the day. I'm thrilled for you both!

    Something I've come to realize myself, recently, is that life is now too LONG to keep on doing the same old thing. To stay fresh, and keep your mind and spirits young, most people need to move on. A change of scenery -- mental, physical or professional -- is like a vacation for the soul. It gives you a new perspective, allows you to learn and grow, explore and try out new muscles.

    Best of luck to you both. Just remember to buy some good down coats and snow boots...and enjoy!!

  3. Adventure is worth every ache and pain you experience. If you don't try it, you may come to regret it. Life is to short not to take risks so dive right in, enjoy the ride. This is speaking from having just done it.

  4. Great question Erika, I think it boils down to what is my criterion of "feminine" for myself. Although I do believe coastal Maine to be feminine, it really is how I feel in a particular place. How easy is it for me access my feminine self; live from a place of receptivity and be guided from a knowing/feeling rather than a thinking/doing. It's a great adventure and I'm looking forward to seeing what Spirit has in store for us. And Paula's right when she says "life is now to long to keep doing the same old thing". Instead of 'gap year' I might start calling this our 'mid life mix up'. They both sound like loads of fun. By the way Vicki, congratulations on your ride!